Intro ...

Robert Gallant gallant at
Thu May 5 18:36:17 GMT 1994

OK, here's my intro..

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a fairly strong Electrical background.  
Currently I do acoustic research for the Dept. of Navy,  this is mainly Physics 

The vehicle in need:

I have a modified, second generation, Rx7.  It is supercharged with a positive 
displacement blower to about 11 psi (currently I have the 8 psi pulley on).  
Right now it has a Holley ProJection (AAAAAAAAhhhhhh).  Sorry, that happens 
every time ProJection gets mentioned (I'll try to control myself).  But you all 
know about the ProJection.  I will be getting a beta test version of the new 
ProJection Computer in mid June.  If it is as good as the original, I'll be in 
the market to build my own.

gallant at

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