Intro / CPU types

Ron Rader aka PTM rlr at
Fri May 6 12:40:14 GMT 1994

>I've used quite a variety of microcontrollers and before we dive in and
>declare that XYZ is the only true way, it would make some sense to
>determine what capabilities the system requires.

  I don't have the time for an intro/project description at the point,
but I will add that all the discussion centering around specifics is
jumping the gun.  If the purpose of this list is to collectively design
an EFI/ignition control system, we're really gonna have to adhere to
a more formal development lifecycle.  Steve is right.

  Exactly _what_ are we designing?  What requirements are we trying
to satisfy?  I'll tell ya one thing, if I'm gonna contribute, it had
better be cheap.

  Ron "Belch" Rader

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