Miniboard is the way to go... for now

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Mon May 9 23:11:17 GMT 1994

Subject: RE: Miniboard is the way to go... for now
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Date:    5/9/94 5:00 PM

I'm sorry, I can't figure out how to include previous text in a reply, but the 
origional poster states that the miniboard is the way to go.  I almost agree, 
but from what I can determine, if the miniboard is used with the E2 suffix of 
the 6811, it only has 2k for program development and 512 bytes of ram.  While 
it might be possible to build a fuel injection system in only 2k, Trust Me, for 
a development system you want as much ram and eprom available.  32K ram chips 
and eproms are about $5 each, and 6811 development boards that can take a 32K 
ram and a 32k eprom can be found for around $100.  I personally am taking this 
route, after having developed a 'senior project' quality distributorless 
ignition system using the E9 version of the 6811 in single chip mode (12K 
eprom, 512 bytes ram, 512 bytes EEPROM).  FYI:  Cheep, fast, 32K static ram 
chips can be made battery backed up (10 years) for about $12 thanks to Dallas 
Semiconductor's Smart Sockets.  This is nice for program development.  
  As soon as I finish moving, I will publish my code/hardware for this ignition
sytem.  It falls in line quite nicely with what we are trying to do, is a good 
starting point for a DYI-EFI system, and I'd be interested in the net's 
 - Steven Ciciora
 This is precisely the argument for using the F1 board.  It handles more memory 
 and is modular in design.  The ignition sounds very interesting and I would 
 love to see what you've done.
 Cary McCallister

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