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Tue May 10 11:57:54 GMT 1994

  I'm very much game,
  although I'm not sure I can contribute too much in the company of such
  learned gentlemen/(ladies?), more than posting questions that are way
  below the discussion level of this list.

  One problem is knowledge level, the other one is that I'm PC/Windows
  based using Lotus Notes, Lotus cc:Mail, to Internet thru a UUCP gateway
  and that gateway does not always behave the way I want it to. Hopefully
  my subscription request has gone thru so I can at least receivethe
  postings (which works for the hotrod list). We'll see...

  Whatever, here goes: I work for Lotus Development as a marketeer, based
  in Stockholm, Sweden. The long winters up here are ideal for projects
  like the following: I am building a Harley for strip/street activity
  where I want to run a complete electronic management system for both fuel
  injection and ignition. The system is to be adjusted from a laptop PC.
  The strange firing-order of the HD motor makes buying an OEM system a bad
  idea. You either need a system that can manage a 16 cylinder engine
  (cutting out 14) or have somebody like Electromotive offer me two single
  cylinder FI modules for the price of two. No, I was told that they cannot
  modify their software due to certain legalities involved. Whatever, the
  cost of a dual setup far exceeds my budget (even the single setup more
  than stretches it) and the question is always "For that price, should I
  go thru the trouble of making it myself" and I am certain that in this
  case the answer is clearly "yes". The biggest hurdle is the programming
  side of the microcontroller, but "with a little help from my friends"...

  There are a few different ways of approaching this but by using common
  sense, it's obvious that any EFI system will always far outperform a
  carburated system even if the EFI system is not optimal. After having
  spent quite a few hours chasing and going thru as much technical doc's
  (and sales info) as I can find, I am looking at the following setup
  regarding sensors. What I'm looking for is a second opinion for a go or
  no go since I really need to choose a path for continuing the work done
  so far.

  The basis for my drawing board setup regarding sensors is simplicity,
  forget calculating load and air mass thru temperature, MAP, throttle
  positioning etc. I would like to use an airmass sensor from the Bosch
  L-Jetronic systems that I understand have temperature compensation built
  into it. (Airflow restrictions don't come into play as the HD motor would
  displace 80 running at 6500 rpm at the most). I look at running
  separate sensors for RPM and crankshaft position on the front belt pulley
  that is attached to the crank (I would love to be able to kickstart this
  motor, tough proposition but I have some ideas). Oxygen sensor in the
  exhaust for closed loop management on that part and topping it off with a
  throttle position sensor and maybe a knock sensor. Driveability is not a
  factor (i.e. rough running at warm-up is OK, no compensation needed for
  AC etc.).

  There's a lot of reasons behind these choices but it would take a few
  pages to explain. I would like a second opinion from someone who has been
  there: all I need is a simple "yes" or a "no - wrong track, you also need
  a so-so sensor" at so I can finally get started working on this system.

  Par Willen

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