A Proposal

Tue May 10 15:18:09 GMT 1994

I've been following all the posts and have come to one conclusion:
Everyone wants something slightly or even greatly different.

So what to do?

How about this:
1) We finalize the requirements document - including the ability for the 
most grandious systems - telemetry + every conceivable sensors + extra 

2) We identify the minimum requriements - fuel control and spark control + 
pluse the minimum inputs to control these.

3) We design a small computer board that has the on-board processing 
capabilities to handle most, if not all the requirements determined in step 
(1).  This board will have limited I/O though - just enough, maybe a little 
more, for step (2).  The board will have connectors for a daughter or 
multimple daughter boards that will allow additional I/O.  Programming this 
device would be easy.  We can publish a document that basically says: At 
this memory address you'll find this info - and this is the address for 
injector control.  If your just doing timing control you would simply not 
use those address...   We can also reserve memory for look-up tables, 
telemetry etc.  We may find that we will split up at this point into 
different project groups - but that's not bad - as long as we still exchang 

4) We have discussions on algorithms, come up with programming aids or even 
programming routines. 

So what do you say? 

Can we come up with the most grandious requirements?

My updated requirements list will be published latter today with, hopefully 
, everyones input already included.


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