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Ciciora Steve sciciora at
Wed May 11 16:30:22 GMT 1994

In a previous post John S Gwynne writes:

 ... For instance, I have a small circuit to measure RPM that
simply plugs into the tach port of my MSD unit.  It's just a simple state
machine based in a GAL chip that controls a 82C54 (10MHZ programmable timer)
with a high speed comparator/conditioner (ok, looks like 14 components for
conditioning and surge protection). Its use is simple and does not require
CPU intervention.  For everyone interested in taking advantage of this
circuit and knowing that we will never get everyone to agree upon the same CPU,
it would be to our advantage if we could agreed upon a common bus structure
that would be compatible with each of these small sensor interface circuits...

Well, John, I for one am interested in using your circuit!  How can you tell us
more info?  Is there a place where you could post the sch. and GAL equations? 
I have access to HP laser printers, HP ploters, etc. so whatever form you can
post the info, I should be able to make a hard copy.  If don't want to hassle
with this, if you US mail me, I'll foward the info to others who are
  As soon as I finish moving (less than a month) and find my info, I'll re-pay
the favor and post everything I know about my 6811 based distributorless
ignition system I did for a senior project...
- Steven Ciciora

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