Speed/density interface

MTN-KAT met at pine.cse.nau.edu
Tue May 17 15:52:11 GMT 1994

The list has slowed considerably with the end of school, hopefully there are
still enough of us to continue this project. :)

I must run a s/d setup due to my use of two separate intake ducts. I am 
separating the left and right banks of a Ford FE big block. I'm doing this
pretty much for asthetics and simplicity. I will have two identical intake ducts
with a s/d unit mounted in one duct and a dummy or maybe a second unit that my
processor can switch back and forth from/to. I'll be running ~600Hp with
natural aspiration and am considering forced induction of some sort.

I need to know how this signal is processed. I don't have access to nor am I
familiar with ocsilliscopes to get a picture myself. The signal is analog but
is it linear and would it be better to design a learning function or can I setup
a curve fitting formula? The advertisments always specify injector flow rates
as being the criterion for how they schedule the s/d unit. Could someone with
more knowledge of this subject enlighten me please?


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