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Sounds good.  I have been using Mosaic for a while and have a home page.  The 
only problem is that I sit behind a corporate firewall, so I can get out, but no
one can get in.  If any of you are interested in what HTML can do take a look at
the following URL,


It is a HTML document giving the history of MIT's world record attempt for a 
human powered water vehicle.

As far as knock sensors go you need to filter the signal for the angular measure
necessary during the combustion process. I.E., you do not want to hear valve 
clatter, piston slap, etc.  From what little I know the Auto Manufacturers turn 
the knock sensor on and off according to when a cylinder fires.

Mopar has some cheap piezo sensors available in most boneyards.  You can find 
them on most of the turbo 4 bangers.

Hope this helps,

Cary McCallister
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| Ok, now we need some way of posting schematics, etc.  Is there a site
| we can use, and what format should we use?  I would guess that postscript 
| is the best general purpose format for graphics.  Previewers and
| converters are available for most platforms.  In addition, postscript
| can directly drive a high-resolution printer to make etching masks, etc.
A short time ago I asked for comments about using the World-Wide Web (WWW) 
for this purpose (i.e., Hypertext Mark-up Language (HTML) viewed by Mosaic or 
some other WWW browser) At the time no one objected and Robert Fridman (which 
I personally would like to thank for his time and effort) has been working on 
a home page for us. While I'll let Robert present his ideas himself, I think 
you will find this approach to be well suited to the needs of this
group. Topics in the home page include:
        Introduction to diy_fi
        Topics of interest
        Work in progress (who built or is building what)
        Info on components (micro controllers, injectors, sensors, ...) 
        Info on catalogues/books (Bosch material, performance catalogues,
                                stuff from Motorola/Intel)
        Archive of articles     (maybe categorized by topic) 
        List of members with www home pages
Hypertext is well suited to the task of integrating figures (schematics) 
with text and providing "links" between related topics. Re-read the past 
posting on this, and if there is disagreement over this means of 
exchange, I would like to hear it BEFORE the server goes on-line (maybe a 
week from now). Post to DIY_EFI. 
Note: hypertext can be printed out in postscript for those who do not have 
access to the WWW, but the links are not as easy to follow.
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