DIY_EFI World Wide Web page

Robert Fridman fridman at
Tue May 17 18:34:45 GMT 1994

Hello all.  I'm in the process of creating a World Wide Web page for the
DIY_EFI mailing list.

The WWW organization will include archived articles, projects under way,
hardware specs and anything else that pertains to the DIY_EFI concept.

I'm looking for a logo picture.  Something which conveys the purpose
of Do-It-Yourself!

If you have such a pic, let me know.

For those not familiar with the World Wide Web concept, its a repository of
information accessible by connecting a client (a www viewer) to a server.
The two viewers I'm familiar with are Mosaic (wizzy trick graphical) and
lynx (runs on any dumb terminal).


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