What to measure (..cont)

Steve Baldwin steveb at kcbbs.gen.nz
Wed May 18 06:22:54 GMT 1994

(Another old fart, well out of school)

I guess I'll have to investigate this WWW stuff after all. :-)

Would it be realistic to take a pressure tap from a spark plug ? Would
this provide useful information to an EFI system ?
I'm still looking for alternative methods. :-)

Anybody have some experience in this area ? It seems to me that this is
what you are trying to derive from all the other gizmos that get poked
around an engine. At the cost of convenience, why not go straight to the
horses mouth, so to speak ?

I'll agree with Millam. The potential for alky would be good. I just
love the idea of a blown, injected flathead, running alky on the street.
Has a nice ring to it. :-)


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