[admin] Intermittent list service for the next month

John S Gwynne jsg
Tue Jun 6 03:31:32 GMT 1995


As always, summers are a very busy time for me and Coulomb
(the computer servicing our mailing list). During the next
month, you can expect intermittent list service as Coulomb
will not always be available. I recommend posting as usual,
but don't be surprised by response time delays. Your local
mailer should queue your email (typically for up to 7 days)
until this computer is back on line. I will try to bring the
system back in the evenings as often as is practical.

My apologies for the inconvenience....

For those interested, Coulomb provides data storage and image
processing services for one of the radars we use to make radar
cross section measurements (RCS). During the next month, we
will be making outdoor RCS measurement at the OSU "Big Ear"
radio telescope (which we use as a LARGE compact range).

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