Throttle Plate Control

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Mon May 8 07:39:49 GMT 1995

>Do all commercial vehicles have the throttle plate directly connected do 
>the accelerator pedal?  (I would think reasons of safety might mandate 
>this.)  Are there any "fly-by-wire" systems with the throttle valve under 
>computer control?  Would there be any advantages to doing this?
>Charles Mott
SAAB (Sweden) uses such a method on the 9000. They have a servo 
motor+microprocessor controling the throttle angle. They use it for the Anti 
Spin system and for the Cruise control. I have even seen it on a small 
motorcycle (!), on an Aprilia (Italy), 125cc two-stroke with 33 bhp, some 
kind of technique to prevent you from "chocking" the engine at low revs, 
when you use full throttle. Ok, I would n't like to drive a car with this 
system, knowing that something m i g h t go wrong, it's still safer with a 
direct mechanical connection, airplane manufacturers (Airbus) use this 
technique though.

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