air-fuel ratio to temp

Jack Mott jmott at
Mon May 8 16:32:43 GMT 1995

On Fri, 5 May 1995, David Cooley wrote:
> ... 
> You would probably be better off with the O2 sensor.. Unless you are
> monitoring at each cylinder, you will get an average temp... One could be
> running at 1800 deg, while 7 could be at 1000 degrees... The one will melt
> something, while the others are too rich.  The O2sensor would catch this a
> little sooner IMHO

In the situation that Mr. Cooley writes about, will the oxygen sensor give
a low reading (because the rich running cylinders are eating up all the
O2)?  What time constants do typical 02 sensors exhibit?  What physics /
chemistry is involved?  And finally, do any sensors (O2 or otherwise) have
the time resolution to detect properties of individual exhaust pulses?  I
would think even a pressure sensor might be useful. 

Charles Mott

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