o2 and EGT questions

David Cooley cooldave at nando.net
Thu May 11 21:53:52 GMT 1995

>1. Do O2 sensors have a 'cusp' output where Vo decreases  as mixture
>goes from lean to stoich, and then increases as mixture becomes rich? Or
does it
>have a generally positive (or negative) slope, with a characteristic
>voltage at stoich?
>                           /
>                 ^        /
>                 |       /
>                 Vo   - -    Slope
>                     /
>                    / 
>                   /

This is how they work.. At stoich, they are around .45-.5 volts.. lean, they
drop , rich they increase towards 1 volt.

>2. Who are vendors/where can info on O2 sensors be found?
Not sure where to find info... Maybe bosch, as they seem to make a whole line
including for the american cars.

>3. What thermocouple materials are used for EGT probes? (Copper/Constantan
>just don't sound right)
They don't use a thermocouple.. It is a ceramic with a thin metallic coating
inside and out for the electrodes.  Once it is hot (approx. 600 deg. F)
It becomes a battery.. The voltage is dependant on the difference in O2
levels between the 2 electrodes... Outside air is exposed to the outside of
the ceramic, and the inside is in the exhaust stream.  A large difference
(rich) makes a large voltage (approx 1 volt) and a small difference (lean)
makes a small voltage.  They are also High impedance devices.. Hooking any
meter to it while it is hot, if it has less than 10 meg ohms resistance,
will ruin the sensor.

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