Throttle Plate Control

Jim Conforti jec at
Mon May 15 23:23:46 GMT 1995

On Mon, 15 May 1995, Lawrence S. Harris III wrote:

> > jumping in a little late here, but my BMW (from all the explanations I've
> > gotten) cuts fuel supply by 50% 500rpm below rev limit, and then cuts it
> Are you sure of this?  This seems like a recipie for how to blow up a 
> motor.  If the car was running at a full throttle mixture of 12:1, and 
> suddenly before reaching the rev limit it went to 24:1, this would have 
> most uncool results.

  What it really does is cut half of the cylinders ....

  hence fuel by 50% ...

  Jim COnforti

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