Northstar coolant loss

tsakiris at tsakiris at
Wed May 17 14:19:47 GMT 1995

Running an engine without coolant is a remarkable achievement, 
no doubt.  Being in the same business, I can imagine the 
details involved in shutting down multiple cylinders.  As a
means of managing a failure mode, it's fabulous.  Please don't
interpret the following as a Ford guy diminishing the 
achievements of GM.  I commend GM for taking the lead, but ...

I can't help but wonder though why the auto industry is so 
often willing to spend money for after-the-fact fixes instead
of up-front design.  I don't want the coolant in my engine to
leak out in the first place.  

Perhaps it's done this way for marketing reasons.  The TV
commercials are impressive.

Anthony Tsakiris

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