Northstar coolant loss

David Cooley cooldave at
Wed May 17 18:23:11 GMT 1995

>But I'd prefer it even more if radiator hoses which didn't burst at 75,000
>miles were used.

Me too!

>To bring this back to a DYI EFI discussion, it's possible to correct or 
>protect for a wide variety of deficiencies with computers.  Those of you
>building your own controllers realize you could keep building and adding
>features forever.  Is it the most efficient way to solve a problem though?
>With software and computer hardware?  If the manufacturer knows that 
>customers don't follow maintenance schedules, the design requirements for
>their products should change.  Perhaps that should include engine 
>hardware in addition to computer hardware and software.
>The auto industry lags far behind other industries in applying a systems
>design approach.  That needs to change, quickly, if externally imposed
>goals for emissions, fuel efficiency, and time-to-market are to be met.

 Can you imagine the processing power needed if every safeguard they could
design into the vehicle management system was implemented? (this would
include monitoring tire pressure, suspension, steering etc...) there
wouldn't be any trunk space left!
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