Northstar coolant loss

Bob Valentine ravalent at
Fri May 19 00:46:50 GMT 1995

> -> Running an engine without coolant is a remarkable achievement,
> -> no doubt.

>  Ho-hum.  Tatra, Porsche, Volkswagen, NSU...

    Yes, but those engines were DESIGNED to run without coolant, right?
(Assuming you're talking air-cooled engines)

>  Can you say "big rock through the radiator?"

    Yep, I imagine that was the thought.   What does it do if, say, the 
one serpentine-run-everything belt breaks and you just overheat?

    I thought this one up today when my power steering pump blew the shaft
seal; there are 2 belts that run over the water pump, so I just cut the 
P/S belt and kept on going (lost the AIR pump and P/S pump, no big deal)

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