Off-idle stumble resulting from ported EGR

Jonathan R. Lusky lusky at
Wed May 31 04:00:33 GMT 1995

Steve=Ravet%Prj=Eng%PCPD=Hou at writes:
> I've seen this exact problem in two '86 4x4 S-10 blazers (3.8 v6?) and an '88 
> corsica (also 3.8 v6?).  I never thought it was related, but now I wonder.  
> This probably belongs on, but since someone else brought it up, 
> I thought I'd offer my piece.  Anyway, the symptom is hesitation just off 
> idle.  Give it a little more throttle and it is cured, but it persists as long 
> as the the throttle is held barely open.  It is a feature on the corsica 
> (had the problem since new), may be a bug or feature on the blazers, since 
> they were used by the time I drove them.

Hmmm, 86 & 88 GM 2.8 V6?  Don't those have the infamous GM MAF disease?
If so, you need to the update PROM that converts the EFI over to speed

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