OEM EFI computers

David Cooley cooldave at nando.net
Wed May 31 13:26:10 GMT 1995

>Has anyone taken an old OEM EFI computer and modified for his own use?  I'm 
>thinking about all of the EFI computers that must be out there on cars that 
>are junked.  For example, I believe that Chrysler's use the 68HC11.  There 
>must be thousands of these out on the road by now, with some available from 
>junk yards for relatively low $$$.  Assuming that the firmware is stored in 
>external ROM, it would be relatively easy to re-program.  BZ
>Bryan Zublin
>General Instrument, San Diego, CA, USA
>bzublin at po2.gi.com
There are also masked roms in the OEM ECM's (at least GM.. Don't know about
others) That also control what it can and cannot do.  The replaceable Eprom
of a GM (Chryslers are sealed and potted) contains the program (firmware)
and look-up tables that control the individual functions... Also, just by
changing 2 chips in a GM.. The Calpack and the Eprom, it can be used on a
variety of engines.  If interested, I have a 32k file of the Eprom of a 1987
buick GN (turbo 3.8l V6) disassembled I can send you to examine... They use
the 6801.
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