Ecu 6

Al Lipper efi at
Tue Aug 3 17:40:02 GMT 1999

Yes.  I have a few left.  If you want one C.O.D., give me your address.  Or,
if you would prefer, let me know, and I'll give you my address to send a
check to (that way no one needs to be around to receive it, and you don't
need to pay C.O.D.).
The main code is stored in flash memory and can be re-programmed easily to
control just about anything from a toaster to a turbo.  See the ECU6.ZIP
file for details on all this.


Al Lipper
efi at

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  I saw an e mail saying you had some of the ECU 6 boards left.  You also
said they were $37 each plus shipping.  Could you tell me how to get one
shipped to me.  Would C.O.D. be best.  You could ship it to our shop that
someone is always there with the money order.  Just let me know I'm pretty
interested in it.  Also can the code be changed to do other things such as a
wastegate control and such. I'm in Maryland.

Tom Ross

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