FI Fuel Filters

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Tue Aug 17 10:40:05 GMT 1999

> Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 23:59:42 -0700
> From: "John Dammeyer" <johnd at>
> Subject: FI Fuel Filters
> Hi All,
> Can anyone tell me the benefits of installing a high pressure fuel
> filter on the outlet of the pump verses a low pressure filter on the
> suction side of the pump?  Obviously this is an external pump and is
> mounted some distance from the tank.
pressure side filter is to trap particles.  

 Suction side filter must be fairly free flowing, more so if there's
no low pressure supply pump.  Restriction on the suction side makes
for aeration and dry pumps pretty easily.  Even with low pressure
supply pump, filter media shouldn't be too fine.  But there should
still be something there to trap small pieces of grit and protect the


My feeling is that the filters on the
> pressure side have, in essence,  smaller holes because there is more
> pressure available to force the fuel through the filter. 

In essence.

> I'm trying to win a discussion.  
Well in that case, get very loud and repeat "I don't care what you
say, I'm right."  It has worked for me... : )
> Thanks,
> John

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