lean & rich

John Dammeyer johnd at autoartisans.com
Tue Aug 24 23:19:36 GMT 1999

Your are right but actually,  I look at it the other way around.  When
an engine is running lean I think of it as not enough fuel for the
amount of air that the engine is getting and when running rich it's
getting too much fuel for the amount of air that it's getting.  I see it
easier this way because unless I control the throttle plate too, the
only phyisical control I have over the engine is the amount of fuel I
deliver through the injectors.  If it runs rich I am providing  too much
fuel,  not too little air.



>Subject: lean & rich
>This may sound like a very silly question, but when it is said that an
>engine is running lean it means that it is getting excess air for the
>amount of fuel that it is getting , and vice versa for a rich burning
>engine (excess fuel for the amount of air that it is getting)
>Michael H. Jensen

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