Wide range 02 sensor

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Is there a web site for the company that is backing the EGOR so we can
take a look at other products they have that might be of interest?



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	Wide range O2 sensor
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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 05:42:33 -0700
From: garfield at cyberlynk.com (Gar Willis)
Subject: Wide range O2 sensor

On Wed, 25 Aug 1999 12:06:50 -0700 (PDT) Orin Eman <orin at wolfenet.com>

>Speaking of EGOR, is he ready yet?

If he was, you'da heard about it right here onlist. All we're saying,
either public or private, is "soon". Please yous guys don't be asking me
via private email for any inside scoop; it ain't gonna happen that way.
All product announcements, schedules, pricing, etc. will be POSTED here
onlist. NO stealth info will be given out via private email.

After EGOR is announced, there will be a private list called "EIOsig"
(the sig stands for 'special interest group') clients will be joined on
to automatically (unless you wish not to be), for support and continued
tech discussion. Hey, if yous guys'll agree to the charter and stick to
EFI topics, you can depart this digest crap (nuthin personal, Orin :)
and expand the topics beyond EGOR and ION to general EFI. But JUST EFI,
thank you, and NO chat-monkey's like that "!!" guy, OK?   :)



Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 04:46:19 -0800
From: Ludis Langens <ludis at cruzers.com>
Subject: Re: 1226870's and eprom UPDATE

Mike Poore <Mikepoore at aol.com> wrote:
> I successfully copied my stock prom to a new eprom without a hitch. If I 
> change one parameter it won't work correctly. The ses light flickers. Someone 
> mentioned a problem with the checksum. 
> Is there a difference between the checksums for a TPI  Camaro and Vette?

The checksum will change with any change in the EPROM.  If the Camaro
and Vette have different data, the checksum will likely be different too.

> How can I find out how the checksum is calculated using my stock bin?

For the 6870, the first two bytes of the EPROM contain the 16 bit (big
endien) sum of all the other bytes.

> Is there a way to bypass this problem and disable checksum?

Changing location 5 from $1F to $AA, will probably disable checking of
the checksum.  This is sometimes called experimental mode.  I don't like
it because it leaves no way to know if the data has been corrupted.

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Ludis Langens                               ludis (at) cruzers (dot) com
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Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 07:26:29 -0700
From: neilaura at accessworldnet.com
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Subject: Re: Idiot qestions for lazy newby

Bill Shaw Wrote:
> I don't think you said what type of car it is, 

Groan... I figured that would rear its ugly head! You are quite right, I
didn't say... because I didn't want to be laughed out before I was ever
in, and even I have a certain amount of pride. No, I don't think I'm going
to let you people do that to me. The car is my business, thank you very

The engine... oh, screw it. You people will laugh at me anyway, so I
might as well... The engine is a Lotus 907E.

Just to put the record straight, Lotus used the bottom end of exsisting
production engines and used their own heads and cams. In the case of your
engine, it was the Ford (you have my sympathy). But take some consolation,
the other option was the French Renault.

 Basically it is your textbook
modern econobanger, except it came from England, so it doesn't work most
of the time. Canted, DOCH, 16V, 2L, redline somewhere around peak HP... a
nice little engine if you don't mind the little things like needing to
break your wrists to reach the distributor. Looking through the list
archives I notice at least one other person was interested in EFI for it,
but I think he was buying an aftermarket system. It has a pair of nifty
thingimawhatsit carbs... a rather snazzy design if you are into such 
things, sort of a MAP sensor and throttle body with mechanical feedback
system to balance the air flow against fuel flow. You don't actually
control the throttle, you richen the mixture, and it regulates based on
MAP... at least that's how I understand the damn things. They were 
designed for emissions. Anyway, they are British, and I don't need to tell
any of you what that means.

I'm British, please explain what it means.



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