help! valve retainer/keeper welded?? sbc how to separate?

Ross Corrigan zxv at
Fri Aug 27 05:03:53 GMT 1999

Not EFI but I"ve exhausted my 5 other lists on chevy's etc and have always
gotten great info here so please tolerate my NC.  Here's my EFI content, a
spare car is coming my way so I should finally be able to build my stout sb
replacement and setup my 4Di finally to enjoy the EFI benefits.  Now onto
my problem...

Just to update since I didn't run the original q's past this list, tranny
problems w/ my 700R4 led to some missed shifts and 7000rpm a few times this
last Sun. night.  A hardened pushrod went thru my #2 intake stamped steel
rocker arm on my edelbrock performer rpm heads.

******************* question here ****************

Just to update for this question, some of my valve spring shims got sheared
during some valve float lately so I'm trying to R&R them all.  I only got
one done easily before I got stuck and bought a dead blow hammer on

>	Ross,
>	Use the dead blow but carefully. A small wack is all it should take.

well it hasn't turned out that way... as mentioned I R&R'd the spring shims
under #2 intake fairly easily and #2 exhaust wouldn't come apart, I hit it
gently and then w/ more force side/side and on the top, then placed 5 shims
on top of the retainer (to distribute the downforce of the compressor jaws)
and hit on the top of the valve compressor tool itself, pushing the valve
down in shots dice whatsoever, I even oiled it just in case
(the keepers/retainer)

so v. annoyed and hot/tired I figure lets see if #2E is an oddity or the
norm, #4Intake goes v. easily and then #4E is same as #2E, do these exhaust
ones get welded together???

FWIW, the #4Intake I replaced the valve spring shims on: the top shim was
worn right thru in one spot but no sign of any pieces being sheared out.
THis is probably the magnetic 'dust' I've gotten in my heads for a while
I'd guess.

So I'd really like to R&R all these valve spring shims but am at a loss as
to how to separate the keepers/retainers on the two exhaust valves
encountered so far!!!  (and probably the rest) Please someone have an easy
timely solution for me.....any hope that heating it would help (probably a
huge no-no I assume)???  I do have a small tiger torch and a pen torch????
Or icing it???  I lose my rental car tomorrow night.

Oh yeah, the good news is my oil drained w/o a smidge of metal on the drain
magnet so that was the good part of this eve. 

thanks in advance .....

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