Throttle plates for individual throttle injection

Pekka Ripatti Pekka.Ripatti at
Tue Aug 31 10:40:22 GMT 1999

DIY_EFI Digest wrote:
> DIY_EFI Digest        Tuesday, August 31 1999        Volume 04 : Number 497
>         Re: Throttle plates for individual throttle injection
> Rich Wrote:
> If I could find a "cheap" set of Del'orto carbs and manifold, the last
> thing I would do is hack into them! Where I come from, a USED set of
> 45MM  Del'ortos (the size recommended for this engine) with the right
> manifold for my engine cost over $900 US, Used and NOT rebuilt... Now,
> I'll admit that I didn't do MUCH looking, but I've got one company that
> would LOVE to sell me a pair of 45MM Del'ortos with manifold... for $1400
> US!

I had a Weber 32 ICEV in my car and it had a separate part for throttle 
valve. Check out for other (bigger) Webers for similar setup.


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