Lotus engines and bike TB's

Nic van der Walt nvdw at cellpt.co.za
Tue Aug 31 11:03:50 GMT 1999

>Actually, I liked a lot of the ideas presented. I think the motorcycle TB
>assy is probably too small in the throat, but that was the idea I liked

Think about it this way: If you strip a throttle body of a 1300 Suzuki bike
that redlines at 12000rpm and mount it on a 2.5l engine that only does
6000rpm you are looking at the same flow rate. I got a set of throttle
bodies + injectors + FI pump for $40. And they are in mint condition.

Quick question: Why does most bikes use individual TB assemblies for
each cylinder while most cars use a single TB? I know how much pain
it is to keep the sync on a bike right, so what is the real gain?

I'm not sure which route to go with the bike. I can either make the
Suzuki TB's fit (lots of pain) or simply make a manifold with injectors
at the ports and a single TB at the intake of the surge tank. Will there
be any real difference? How about the difference between TBI and 
multipoint injection? Does the fact that it is an Turbo affect the answers?

Nic van der Walt

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