Bruce Plecan nacelp at bright.net
Mon Jan 3 00:54:50 GMT 2000

Persoannally I would use the timing ability of the gm ecm.  It is just so
much more tunable. Use a late dissy with remote coil and your all set.

Buick ttypes.gn used injectors can be had cheap and they are 28s.
Close at 30 are the syclone, and can used ones can be bought cheap.
I've gotten several sets of them both for $50 for 6, which leaves a couple

|Anyway my question is this can I trigger the ecm directly
| from a hall effect, I don't wan't and spark control. And two what uses the
| 727 is that the vett??

92  engine code T, R,
91                         8, D, R,
90                         8, V, T, R,
89                         V. S,
88                         W (thou can be 730)
(best info I have, but may have errors)

The 730 is a more widely used part.

 Any thoughts would be appreciated. Also what vehicles
| is any gm that use a 28 lbs/hr injector that should be what I need to feed
| motor, by the math anyway!
| Thanks
| -Brian

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