94/95 GM PCM + M6 tranny question

Roger Heflin rah at horizon.hit.net
Tue Jan 4 15:21:35 GMT 2000

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Dave Hempstead wrote:

> Hi,
>     Does anyone know if a 94/95 GM PCM knows what gear its M6
> transmission is in?  If it does know, how does it get the information?
> Does it send the gear # out its ALDL port?  Anyone know what the ALDL
> stream looks like for a PCM with manual transmission??

It has to know what gear it is in.  The computer also runs the skip
shift hardware.    You might check the A4 code you have and see if you
can find the skip shift code.   It basically checks to see if you are
in 1st gear and below a certain speed, and then activates some
hardware to force a shift to 4th.   The code on the 93 is around EDB0
and D24B, if there is similar code in the A4 bin you have then it is
very likely that that bin with a few minor data changes is also used
on a M6.  From everything I can tell the 93 uses the same "code" but
slightly different data.   The "CARS" part is the CAGS or skip shift


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