Bruce Plecan nacelp at
Sun Jan 9 19:45:23 GMT 2000

It literally takes years to accumulate the info.....
I've been actively gathering EFI stuff since 85, and have a small library of
info., and lost alot in a tornado, so some of what I do is from memory
(failing thou as it is).  Anyway, that's why I always seem a little short
always asking for application, and engine specifics.   Like free breathing 4
cyl. tells me absolutely nothing.  I have meet folks here that can do a
vulcan mind meld with an ecm, but not one that can tell more then what is
written for what someone is working one.
  If you really are seriou about EFI, and learning then contact

General Motors Training Materials
MSX International Marketing Service
1426 Pacific Dr
Auburn Hillls, MI  48326
(800)  393-4831

Their book,  GM Fuel Injection Diagnostics, gives a good over view of the gm
systems, and options for some components.

Then for like TPS Switches you need to do alot of junkyard hunting or find a
parts house that will let you look at the AC Delco Emissions Book.  In the
back it has pictures of the various TPS switches, IAT, CTS, etc...

If it has points then there probably is a LED conversion kit for it, then
you can sometimes make a new shutter, and all of a sudden everything is done
for your DIS.  All that needs done was generating a conversion from the coil
driver to operate the gm sensor input to the module...  Take a dissy cap cut
the top off, glue/epoxy a flat top on it, and you have one very trick
cam/crank posistion sensor, that needs no maintainence.

The gm sensors are generally regular pipe threads so they are no brainers to
work.  For TPS, there is always the option of driving it off the acc. pedal
linkage (thou mounted at butterflies best).  I'd bet TWM has one with TPS on

| Is there a particular text or manual that comes to mind for this type
| setup (MAP,TPS, dist)?
| The original application is a very solid, free breathing, 4 cylinder which
had carbs and points.  I can either modify the dist or go crank
| triggered.  There are no GM parts that will direct fit.
| The TWM's are perfect since there is a very nice manifold available,
| all bolt up making that part attractive.
| Jim

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