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Mon Jan 10 00:08:19 GMT 2000

It is a Nissan U20 engine if that tells you anything.  There is a Pertronics and Crane/Allison kit available if that helps.  How many
triggers/crossings do the GM distributor type systems usually use?
(I'll look into it myself)  

Yes, the TWM's have TPS's (various types available),so that part is easy.

>always asking for application, and engine specifics.   Like free breathing 4
>cyl. tells me absolutely nothing.  I have meet folks here that can do a
>vulcan mind meld with an ecm, but not one that can tell more then what is
>written for what someone is working one.

>  If you really are seriou about EFI, and learning then contact
>General Motors Training Materials
>MSX International Marketing Service
>1426 Pacific Dr
>Auburn Hillls, MI  48326
>(800)  393-4831
>Their book,  GM Fuel Injection Diagnostics, gives a good over view of the gm
>systems, and options for some components.

Thanks, Sounds very good.

>Then for like TPS Switches you need to do alot of junkyard hunting or find a
>parts house that will let you look at the AC Delco Emissions Book.  In the
>back it has pictures of the various TPS switches, IAT, CTS, etc...
>If it has points then there probably is a LED conversion kit for it, then
>you can sometimes make a new shutter, and all of a sudden everything is done
>for your DIS.  All that needs done was generating a conversion from the coil
>driver to operate the gm sensor input to the module...  Take a dissy cap cut
>the top off, glue/epoxy a flat top on it, and you have one very trick
>cam/crank posistion sensor, that needs no maintainence.
>  For TPS, there is always the option of driving it off the acc. pedal
>linkage (thou mounted at butterflies best).  I'd bet TWM has one with TPS on

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