LRP and O2 sensors

Bruce Plecan nacelp at
Mon Jan 10 01:35:53 GMT 2000

All things being equal, I've never first hand had that problem.
Now if they change the octane or Reed Vapor Levels while doing that then
there will be problems, but with as many cos that have done that, there is
no reason for it to be a problem.  If in doubt just back to basics, reading
plugs, and then reading them some more.  The plugs will answer your

| Hi all,
| For those unaware, Western Australia has just moved from leaded petrol to
| replacement petrol (oh joy, like New Zealand).  Anyway there has been lots
| talk about whether it harms the older engines, but no one has mentioned
| it is now safe to permanently mount the O2 in the car.  So I guess my
| is, can anyone confirm whether O2 sensors are resistant to LRP (apparently
| is based on premium unleaded blended with a potassium brew of some sort) ?
| Dan  dzorde at

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