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Tue Jan 11 02:47:25 GMT 2000

Geez, not even in the same league.  Protractor and X-Acto knife vs AL, and
measuring, and figuring out where the notches have to be and slotted for
enough adjustment.  If I owned a machine shop and had the engine on a stand,
I'd still go the dissy route

| I like the "cut you own wheel" idea with the Crane, very clever.
| However, if I am going to go DIS, would it be that much harder to
| make a wheel for the crank pulley  and use some kind of pickup down there?
Is there one you especially like?  Thanks in advance.
| Jim

| >From: "Bruce Plecan" <nacelp at>
| >Subject: Re: TWM & GMECM
| >If your doing, or planning on possibly going DIS, then the Crane wins,
| >get an uncut spare wheel or two.  Alllison used to just about give em
| >when you asked for em.
| >  For the Dissy, it's just like a point signal.
| >  For DIS, they most often use (4 cyl application), use 6 notches
| >spaced), and one offset 10 degrees from one of them.  I you get serious
| >about the DIS, I'll scan a diagram showing the notches/offset/which notch
| >fires which coil pack etc..
| >Grumpy

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