Bruce Plecan nacelp at
Wed Jan 12 23:49:18 GMT 2000

| Well it certainly pays to ask first.  Thanks a bunch.
| I could always go to a crank wheel later after all the otherstuff
| is sorted out, but for street use I certainly don't need to.
| I just wanted to eliminate the dist if possible.
| So back to the Crane.  What electrical input is the ecm looking for
| from the trigger wheel?

Crank, and cam sensor wire into the DIS module.  On some PCMs the sensor
goes directly to the pcm.
  So an ecm doesn't look for a signal from the sensor
Now the input to the DIS varies, by type some are Hall effect sensors, and
some are reluctor.  So you gotta figure out what ya got, and work from

| Do I build a circuit to condition the Crane box output to the GM ecm,
| or do you need to make a new driver for the optical sensor itself and have
it trigger the ecm directly?  Has someone been down this path...sounds like?

Your going to need to go from the coil trigger output of the crank to the
sensor input to the DIS, and again it varies.

| If you can send me the wheel drawing that would be great.  If a fax
| is less effort let me know.  BTW there is absolutely no rush on this.
| I am one of those "Blessed" with too many projects.
| Dopey

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