Leaded EGO sensor

Bruce Plecan nacelp at bright.net
Wed Jan 19 00:41:34 GMT 2000

O2 sensors and unleaded vary by manufacturer, If you go thru the archives
you'll see several instances of folks going for years overseas with their
stock gm sensors.  On the GN list they have problems killing O2 sensors on
unleaded, but the AC/Delco last the longest.  I'm sure the 1400+dF EGTs help
to kill em as fast as possible.  The hole in most stories is that they
ignore the fact that many countries still use leaded, and are using O2

| I just been discussing EGO sensors with Boris Shapiro
<borisle at inter.net.il>.
| He works for Bosch in Israel and he has this to say about EGO sensors not
| liking the leaded fuel:
| >Correct. But...
| >Bosch lambda sensor catalog number 0258003083 will do. It's been
| >for early Fiat Uno Turbo that ran on leaded fuel. It's got different
| >construction to other units. You can use it without a worry.
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