Simon Quested questeds at
Wed Jan 19 22:47:32 GMT 2000

> From: "Robert W. Hughes" <rwhughe at>

> Actually, the exhaust gases dilute the mixture and make the combustion
> temperatures lower. 

How do you add hot and get cold?
I'm confused....

> From: "Scott Croughwell" <scott at>
> > How does the hot exhaust gas cool the fresh charge.... Or have I got this
> > wrong and you mean that the exhaust gas isn't heating the cool intake charge
> > and the cold intake charge is causing the detonation????
> Believe it or not... the gasses coming from the EGR have had enough time to cool
> enough so that the portion of exhaust temp re-entering the intake port is cooler
> than the intake manifold.

Wow so the exhaust gas is cooler than the intake I never would have thought 
so.... hell I'm not even running emmissions gear, don't have to here in NZ. It 
is even legal to remove cats.... 

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