Water Inj, T. Retard story

Jim Fitzgerald jfitz at fnal.gov
Wed Jan 26 18:43:34 GMT 2000

	I had good success with water injection on a turbo Mustang. (79 suck
thru the carb model, 2.3L 4cyl).  I used a VW W. Washer bottle
pressurized by turbo boost to make volume proportional to boost. I exp.
with many jets and injected ahead of turbo, Casual driving tips in the
turbo and wastes water, so I used an adjustable pressure switch and a
solenoid valve to limit consumption.   I used W. Washer fluid most of
the time, to get more cooling and enrichment from the alcohol content,
besides it gets cold here in IL and plain water would freeze.
	The Mustang originally had a crude OEM electronic timing retard system,
two (boost) pressure switches that retarded the timing in steps at about
2 and 6 lb. of boost. I replaced this with a mechanical setup, using a
modified compound vacuum advance can from a Ford V8.  I could adjust it
with it with built in screw, and with an external pressure bleed, same
as for the turbo waste gate.  It gave smooth, continuous and linear adv.
and retard curves.
	The combo of the water and the timing retard allowed boost to about 15
lb..  I could run with the 5L V8s until they switched to EFI.  Heaven
forbid if the water tank would run dry though, the engine would knock
itself silly before I could off the throttle, never broke it though, ran
for 110K, until turbo seals left.  Anyone contemplating water injection
should look into a water level switch that would limit boost and/or timing....
Jim F.
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