Greddy air-fuel ratio meter

Garfield Willis garwillis at
Wed Jan 26 19:14:41 GMT 2000

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000 14:31:12 -0500 "Bruce Plecan" <nacelp at>

>Almost looks good, anyone have any details about the 4 wire Toyota O2
>sensor, the tech guy at greddy's said it can read 18-8:1, but not to be used
>for initial tuning????.
>They want $300, for theirs.

On Tue, 25 Jan 2000 13:08:37 -0700 bearbvd at (Greg Hermann) wrote:

>Sounds like it must be the Bosch sensor--that one uses four wires--anybody
>know for sure??

Hey Bruce, Greg,

There is a Toyota (Denso) current-pump style wideband O2 sensor that is
4-wires (scant literature says it senses the same pair of terminals for
Vs-sensor output as it pumps current thru for Ip-current pump input; not
sure how they can do that), the Toyota-Denso part no. is: 89467-33010,
the application is the *front* (pre-cat) sensor, refered to as "Air Fuel
Sensor" on Lexus RX300 and Toyota ES300 3.0 V6 *California-only cars*
(that app. info is from old notes, and I can't put me fingers on the
year data at the moment)


I seriously doubt this is it. That sensor alone costs around $300 from
Toyota (alot more than the Honda-NTK 5-wire sensor, for example), so
it's doubtful a meter based on it would retail for around $300. Plus,
the statement that it isn't useable for initial tune is perhaps a
giveaway that the Greddy product isn't really based on a wideband O2
device, but rather a conventional heated 4-wire sensor-based meter,
similar to the LED gizmos often sold as "low-cost AFR meters".

As far as it being the older Bosch LSM-11 4-wire sensor that Greg
alludes to, I also kinda doubt it, again from the price-point, and I'm
not aware of Toyota ever using it in any of their products.

Was this viewable on the web somewhere, Bruce? I didn't see it on the
Greddy site.


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