Where to get 1-2 fuel injectors (Ford SVO 30lb equivalents)

Orin orin
Thu Jan 27 01:53:41 GMT 2000

> I have what I believe is a marginal fuel injector.  One of the header
> pipes glows a light orange while the car is warming up (and lightly
> missing).    After the car gets warmed up, the injector starts working
> correctly.   This appears to have been a problem on my car for a
> while, I am pretty sure it is a bad injector and not a electrical
> problem, since it is pretty reliable that after it gets warmer it
> appears to start working correctly.    Also the car is batch fire, so
> the only electrical problem possible is the wires connecting the
> injector to the other injectors on  that side are bad.   This is the
> only header pipe glowing, and I can clearly feel when the injector
> starts working correctly and I can clearly feel when it stops again
> (as it is warming up, it goes in and out).

Obvious thing to try is swap the injector with one of its mates
and see if the problem moves before buying anything new.

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