Tech 1 Questions

Richard Wakeling kojab at
Fri Jan 28 00:45:43 GMT 2000

Hi all,
	I am looking closer at the old "Tech 1" scan tool and have a few

	1) When "Tech 1" is connected to a VR commodore V8 is the cable that is
used between "Tech 1" and ALDL the same cable (part number TA01299) that
is used on the VN commodore but with an adaptor to suit the OBDII syle
plug on the VR or do they use a different cable?
	2) If a different cable is used for the VR commodore can someone give
me the connections between the 15 pin D connector on the "Tech 1" and
the 16 pin OBDII style plug.
	3) Has anybody tried to reconstruct the circuit of the "Tech 1" or
knows which pin of the 15 D pin plug uses the 8192 Data?
	4) Does the "Tech 1" scan tool have various models depending on which
country they are used in or is it just the Moduals for each vehicle that
are different?

	The model of the "Tech 1" I am looking at here in Australia is 94-012

Thanks in advance
Cheers Richard.

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