Non-Cam Valves

Ade + Lamb Chop alaw at
Sun Jan 30 14:36:46 GMT 2000

At 10:00 29/01/00 -0600, Robert W. Hughes wrote:
>The exhaust valve is also a special problem. The pressure in the
>cylinder when the exhaust valve needs to open is in the area of
>300-1500psi. A dinky 1.5in exhaust valve has a surface area of 1.75 sq
>in so even at 300 psi you need a minimum of 523 pounds force to open the
>valve. Bigger valves and earlier opening just make it worse.

1.5inch, dinky??? I have 1.4" inlets and 1.22" exhaust valves!!! These are
considered big for a mini!!

BTW It is a 1330 Normally aspirated A series engine putting out about
105bhp at 7krpm.. Gives me about 165bhp/tonne (the metric one) and gets me
to 60mph in about 7 or 8secs

Who needs a V8 :-)


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