Non-Cam Valves

Ade + Lamb Chop alaw at
Sun Jan 30 14:36:48 GMT 2000

At 06:58 29/01/00 -0500, Frederic Breitwieser wrote:
>Hey Carl,
>> Has anybody ever had an idea to manufacture a cam less machine. Well I've
>> got that dream, maybe somebody has tried it already.
>Its been tried, somewhat unsuccessfully.  The problem is as with all
>magnetics devices, is speed.  Injectors don't do so well at 10K RPM, so
>a coil that moves a valve at the same engine speed would choke, unless
>the coils are huge.
>The problem is the mass of the valve - takes tremendous force to make it
>move and change direction abruptly.  Pneumatics on the other hand, can
>be used, but its very complex to setup.  I believe, maybe incorrectly,
>several F1 cars tried this over the years.

So what do F1 use at the moment then?


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