Lots of snips from BBC with 160 lb injectors

Anthony Buccellato clayb at sonic.net
Mon Jan 31 21:21:28 GMT 2000

Hi Carl,

I didn't mention 160 lb. I need 80 - 100 lb. I currently produce "only"
800 HP, but plan to purchase injectors capable of 1000 - 1100 HP. Gotta
look ahead. I plan to run both pump and aviation gasoline, depending on
the occasion. Would like stainless steel due to the marine environment.

Walt says the Rochester units may have a little better sensitivity at
short pulse widths, a big bonus for idle quality. If I can locate a good
supplier at a reasonable price, I'll try and find a 90 lb model to

If you have any input re: BBC application, fire away, I would be glad to
hear it. Once concern I have is finding good weld-in fittings for my
manifold. I would like to find a "positive" retention system to hold the
injectors secure against boost, initially 8 - 15 psi, but potential for up
to 20 psi down the road.


- Clay

    Maybe some of us have forgotten our math???  160lb x 8 cyl / .5 bsfc =
2560HP....so lets forget about math and try some real world...I have
programmed an Autronics box with 8, 96 lb injectors twin turbo's water/air
intercooler and ran out of injector at 1639HP at 13.1:1 AFR at 5500 rpm so
I'm a little lost on why you need bigger than the 80's to make 1000hp
you are planning on something I'm unaware of...This was gasoline...were
planning on Alcohol???? BTW the Autronics is a great box with great
software, the only thing it could use is some better AE stuff....Lost in
- -Carl Summers

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