[Diy_efi] Introduction + slightly OT question

Stuart Wallace stuartw at atom.net
Fri Apr 2 01:44:25 GMT 2004

Hi all,

Long time lurker, first time poster... Anyway, here's a short introduction:

I'm in the process of developing a simple ECU based on an Atmel 
ATmega-series microcontroller to run fuel and ignition on the Toyota 
4A-GE engine in my MR2. My background is in programming, electronics and 
maths -- principally programming as I'm a software developer by trade. 
My electronics skills are a bit rusty, but microprocessor systems were 
my forte at university and I'm extremely keen to learn more about this 
specific application. I've investigated several of the designs that are 
online. I'm aware that they're superior to what I'd be able to put 
together, but I really want to learn about this field so I'm trying to 
do the design myself.

I have a slightly off-topic question concerning a module that I built 
and installed in my car a while ago. It's a digital instrument with two 
three-digit seven-segment LED displays which can read intake air temp, 
coolant temp, etc. The ECU is an Atmel device which directly drives the 
six (multiplexed) digits. I've built the module into a cubby hole in my 
car and it works fine.

The problem: during the day, brightness on the display isn't adequate 
(the display is sited out of direct sunlight). In dim light it's fine. 
Is there anything like a polariser that I can mount in front of the 
displays to increase daytime contrast?

Sorry for the off-topic post -- I hope you'll forgive me!



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