[Diy_efi] Using Ford TB

frederic frederic at midimonkey.dyndns.org
Fri Apr 16 03:12:24 GMT 2004

> Hmm, then it looks like it's good to go. Any idea what kind of numbers the
> 5.0 throttle body flows? If it's not too much less than the 4.3 TBI then
> I'll stick with it.

I can't tell ya about airflow, but I can tell you the TPS is compatible 
"enough" that it will work okay.

> And about the external IAC...was it the Turbo Regal that used it? That
> sticks in my mind.

Maybe, though whats ringing a bell in my head are GM 2.8L engines.  I 
didn't mention it before because I'm not 100% sure, and didn't want to 
mislead you.

BTW, most GM IAC's are just a plunger in the throttle body housing.  You 
probably could make a basic aluminum housing using a drill press with a 
milling bit.  I've seen places on the web that for $80 actually make the 
block of aluminum to use a different GM IAC (the more common type) on a 
ford intake.  I'm to cheap so I'm going to make an aluminum or steel 
plate.  What I have almost lines up as it is.

To quote a good friend...

"cheap overcomes many faults"

and my favorite...

"Perfection is the enemy of good enough".


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