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I have a couple of the older 2.8TB's that seem to have a stepper motor
for the fast idle and no IAC. Can you just use one of these in place of
the normal IAC. It mounts the same as the fast idle solenoid.
Or just tune without the IAC?

Are the ford TBI injectors "Z" compatible with the GM injector drivers?


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> Hmm, then it looks like it's good to go. Any idea what kind of numbers
> 5.0 throttle body flows? If it's not too much less than the 4.3 TBI
> I'll stick with it.

I can't tell ya about airflow, but I can tell you the TPS is compatible 
"enough" that it will work okay.

> And about the external IAC...was it the Turbo Regal that used it? That
> sticks in my mind.

Maybe, though whats ringing a bell in my head are GM 2.8L engines.  I 
didn't mention it before because I'm not 100% sure, and didn't want to 
mislead you.

BTW, most GM IAC's are just a plunger in the throttle body housing.  You

probably could make a basic aluminum housing using a drill press with a 
milling bit.  I've seen places on the web that for $80 actually make the

block of aluminum to use a different GM IAC (the more common type) on a 
ford intake.  I'm to cheap so I'm going to make an aluminum or steel 
plate.  What I have almost lines up as it is.

To quote a good friend...

"cheap overcomes many faults"

and my favorite...

"Perfection is the enemy of good enough".


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