[Diy_efi] Looking for a surge tank with 255 lph in-tank pump

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Yeah, even through Holley it was +/-$400, kind of spendy.  There are other
surge tanks out there, but most require some sort of lift pump.  I hate
adding redundant systems, but short of having a custom tank made (+/-$1K),
that's probably the tidiest way to go.  Here's a couple more options:
The "nitrous enrichment tank" holds about 1 gal, and is about $100:
The old standby on SDS-EFI:
Home brew:
>>From a junkyard Jag:

A whole different way of thinking is a flop tube, but I don't know how it
would wear in an auto tank...

I know I've got a couple more links, but they're not currently obvious to
this casual observer.  Brain's a little fried, I just took the PE test
today, so I'm in shut-down mode about now.  If I find 'em, I'll post 'em.
Might also want to search the archives, I may have posted them earlier.


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> Holley does not carry that any more.  That product is produced Mercury
> Marine (they use it on their EFI engines).  There was an agreement
> between Holley and Mercury, but that is no longer in effect.  Mercury
> will not sell it directly - they say they will only sell one as a
> replacement for a faulty unit.  However, some parts dealers will sell
> them.  Be prepared - they cost $550+.
> Mark

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