[Diy_efi] Dumb newbie tricks. . .

bcroe at juno.com bcroe at juno.com
Mon Apr 19 15:15:53 GMT 2004

Replace the caps, or you'll wish you had.  

I guess you know some upgrades have been developed for 
the DIY-WB.  At the very least, you should put in the capacitor 
to keep the heater circuit from oscillating.

Bruce Roe

18 Apr 2004  "John Nevius" <jnevius at spiritone.com> writes:

> So I finally start to check out the DIY-WB controller I built to 
> discover that I've put _every_ electrolytic capacitor in backwards  
> (I'm at least consistent).

> I discovered this after I started to power up and go through the 
> checklist
>   Can I get away with taking the electrolytics out and resoldering 
> them in the proper orrientation, or are they trashed?

> John N
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