[Diy_efi] Looking for a surge tank with 255 lph in-tank pump

Pete Paraska pparaska at comcast.net
Mon Apr 19 23:20:07 GMT 2004

Clair Davis wrote:
>Yeah, even through Holley it was +/-$400, kind of spendy.  There are other
>surge tanks out there, but most require some sort of lift pump.  I hate
>adding redundant systems, but short of having a custom tank made (+/-$1K),
>that's probably the tidiest way to go.

Yeah, I knew about the Holley pump too, but I wouldn't spend that kind of money
on something I could build much cheaper. 

I think I'm going to have to build one and have it welded up.

>  Here's a couple more options:

Thanks, hadn't found that one.

>The "nitrous enrichment tank" holds about 1 gal, and is about $100:

:D  Thought about that - there's probably room in the opening to put an in-tank
pump in there.  1 gallon is overkill, and space is limited in this little Z-car.

>The old standby on SDS-EFI:

Yes, I found that too - pretty nice - but I want an in-tank pump (to keep the noise down).

>Home brew:

Yep - saw that one too.  Same issue.

>>>From a junkyard Jag:

Cool.  Junkyard parts!

>A whole different way of thinking is a flop tube, but I don't know how it
>would wear in an auto tank...

I'd think you'd still need a surge tank, unless you had a round-bottom'd tank
(not a fat-bottom'd  -  nevermind :) ).

>I know I've got a couple more links, but they're not currently obvious to
>this casual observer.  Brain's a little fried, I just took the PE test
>today, so I'm in shut-down mode about now.  If I find 'em, I'll post 'em.
>Might also want to search the archives, I may have posted them earlier.

Thanks!  I hope the results come out good.  I've never taken that, just stayed
in the "research" and govmnt side of engineering - PE not needed :)

BTW, I did find an this idea for a surge tank/filter.  The filter becomes the surge
tank - with a tube added to the filter pad to take fuel from the bottom of the 
screw on filter.  Chris at BC Broncos said it holds about a quart of fuel.

If I didn't want an in-tank pump in my surge tank, that's the way I'd go.
Yes the fuel outlet for the high pressure pump comes out of the top, but
if the pump is mounted below it, the pump would still have the same head 
(pressure) from gravity, no difference once the filter and plumbing have
fuel in them.  

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