[Diy_efi] 1990 GM 350 TBI question

David Daniel ss396 at pinn.net
Sun Apr 25 21:45:37 GMT 2004

Hello again...
I have another question for you all.  First, a bit of history on the
vehicle... My dad and I re-built a 5.7 TBI engine for his S-10 Blazer over
the winter.  I converted it to V-8 last year using a complete wiring
harness, engine and ECM (1228746) from a '90 Caprice police car.  We are
currently getting consistent code 44 (Lean exhaust).  I have checked for
vacuum leaks and found none, fuel pressure is at 14 psi with the engine
idling, and does not drop.  We are at the end of our rope with this
thing...it cuts off a lot while pulling into or backing out of parking
spaces.  It runs great once you get it going, but the low speed stuff is
very annoying.  We have also run about 3 tanks with dry gas and fuel
cleaners to make sure there is no moisture in the tank.  It runs better
after the dry-gas, but is still cutting off occasionally.  During the
re-build dad ordered roller tip rockers and got 1.6 ratio by mistake.  I
know the additional ratio changes the effective camshaft lift and duration
at the valves.  Could this be causing the problems with the lean run?


P.S. I have another CALPAK and EPROM on order for my '85 Monte Carlo TBI
system.  I'll see how that goes when it arrives.
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